Anonymous said: Cheyenne is just an annoying little brat. Every time she's on the stream she just complains and bitches the entire time. That aside, last night was just full of a lot of technical difficulties. Every stream can't be perfect.

I won’t comment your opinion about Cheyenne even though it seems harsh to me. Technical difficulties were not the focus point of my post. Have a nice day.


Anonymous said: ooooh so are you the one Cry made that tumblr post about then? Or was it a few others as well?

I did make a post regarding the streams that seems to have gone far. However I doubt me alone was enough to make the current situation happen. I guess other people have made similar posts and messages in the cryblr tag.


Anonymous said: What "very clear hint" did red make to cry?

The first time she very ironically mentioned Worms being not on the schedule, despite whatever happens to the stream. The second time she made a re-entrance to the stream almost singing “What a great night to be here!”. At that point she wasn’t a part of a single game they’ve played during the night.


Anonymous said: I agree with your stream post entirely. First off, Scott saying it isn't a "big deal" is straight off bullshit. He's likely only saying that because, well, he gives no fucks at all about anything. Secondly, Chey is indeed a problem. Won't go into details why, but she is. I agree with the person who mentioned trying to be "Alpha". And thirdly, I really doubly taking a one week break will make them crumble. They've had cancelled streams before.

Thanks for suporting my opinion, but there are a few points I disagree with in your message. First, I don’t think Scott doesn’t care about the Crew and the streams. If he didn’t give a fuck, as you put it, he would’ve left a long time ago. Secondly, I never said Cheyenne is a problem. She is a person and I never implied anything of the sort. I have little to no idea what “Alpha” behavior is so I’ll leave it like that. Thirdly, I can imagine a break create certain problems in finances for the Crew members (in the original post I said “month”, not a week). My point is that every job in civilized world includes an official vacation (or annual leave, if you please) that ranges from 12 days up to 27 in some countries. I simply suggest they use the opportunity, if they have one.




I understand a lot of things have been happening lately in life of Crew’s members. I wish they took a break, and by that I mean total getaway from anything like videos and streams. Good rest, tons of time together without fans or anyone else.

I will sound like the least considering person right…

You want to give us several thousand dollars so we can afford to go on a break? I’d be totally down for that.

Also relax, it isn’t as bad as you’re claiming it to be. We’re just dudes and gals who play video games. Sometimes shit doesn’t work because we don’t care about the professionalism of it all.

You have an excellent point about the finance part. I did not consider that when I was making the post this morning. However, there might be a solution to that problem, and I’m sure there are means to make a break happen.

As for the second paragraph, I am not claiming it’s an apocalypse and I am not insisting on “professionalism”. I was mostly upset because to me it looked like most of the Crew had been left out, that’s all.


Anonymous said: If chey could play the game then it was fine! jund and russ have technical issues? fuck them so long as the love birds can play!! it is kind of infuriating seeing as they were so close.

I don’t think “so long as the lovebirds can play” describes the situation. Russ joined the game as soon as he was able to, but the point is that two out of six Crew members in a game doesn’t seem alright to me. I’d like to see all of them playing at once or as many as possible, that’s all.


Anonymous said: As far as I can see Reds been phased out of things ALOT more since chey came along. Cheys got this Alpha woman thing going on. I thought I was paranoid till I started seeing her do it to Ziegsy too. the whole thing with the games TBC

Red hasn’t been phased out by anyone’s evil intention. From what I could gather, she’s been working hard and that affects her ability to join the streams and take part in whatever’s on. As for Cheyenne, I can’t say I have noticed her Alpha behavior and/or trying to get Ladies of the Crew out of the picture. She seems normal to me. But yes, the issue with the games shall be addressed in my opinion.


From that one thing that will never ever happen


Angry long post about streams

I understand a lot of things have been happening lately in life of Crew’s members. I wish they took a break, and by that I mean total getaway from anything like videos and streams. Good rest, tons of time together without fans or anyone else.

I will sound like the least considering person right now, but streams like tonight’s aren’t good. They’re not bad, but they’re not simply good. As far as I know, two out of six Crew members are sick and push themselves to make it to the stream no matter what. Russ has been having technical issues and at some point DCed. The games as well haven’t been working out perfectly.

As it was emphasized by Scott in the beginning of the stream, Red had been present since the start for the first time in how many weeks? I don’t know. And it happens to be the night when Cry is super determined to stick to the schedule that doesn’t actually allow her to play. Because no matter what hapens, they won’t be playing Worms.

She made it clear a couple of times, when the games started to misbehave, that she’d like to join the common fun in a match of Worms, but no. Cry didn’t get that and pressed on with freaking Plants vs. Zombies. Because why not, right? Schedule is much more important.

There are things I understand and there are things I refuse to undrstand. I appreciate the streams and LNC members greatly and I have stated several times that I feel like I owe them a big one for what they did for me, but things like this make me frustrated. 

Keeping pressing on when things clearly don’t work makes them all upset and frustrated. Things like these make everyone else upset and frustrated. I just wish Cry (especially) learned from such nights so they could figure out something that would agree with ALL Crew members.

So yeah. Long post, some sense, some open crap. This stream just made me first angry and then upset about certain things. I love Late Night Crew with all my heart still, but I feel something is amiss right now. A good break would fix many things, I am sure.

Vote for fuck-off month for Late Night Crew. Fans can handle it.


Tonight’s stream in a nutshell

Snake dead

Jund dead

Russ’ equipment is almost exploding

Red made a VERY CLEAR HINT but Cry didn’t get it

Good stream errybody